Down to the wire!

The Techno293 has been here in beautiful Tallinn, Estonia, for a fantastic and very busy week of action at the 2021 European Techno Championships, in what is very much the home of tech, and of Techno2...

Day 4

Welcome back to Tallinn, in the eastern Baltic, a crossroads between all the compass points, where we’ve had winds and weather from all points over the 4 days of competition so far. Everything inclu...

Significantly better

Hello again from Tallinn, capital of Estonia, where we’re all happy and relieved to have race action again, following the blank day on Wednesday when the combination of cold, plus a nasty off-shore ...

Techno293 European Championships - here we go!

Perfect racing on the Baltic today in frisky conditions, but super warm local welcome.

Charter equipment is available for sale after the competition

*If you would like to pay in cash, it will give an additional discount and in this case, please contact with Betti Vainküla - > or +372 51 928 708